Azure Classroom Series – 21/Nov/2020

Azure Hybrid Identities

Azure AD Connect

  • Azure AD Connect (AAD Connect) is a microsoft tool for integrating on-premises active directories with Azure AD to implement Hybrid Identity in the Microsoft Cloud.
  • Installing AAD Connect Refer Here
  • Create a Global administrator for Azure AD
  • Ensure you have one user in Active Directory with Administrative Permissions
  • Install AAD Connect and enter Azure Global Adminstrator’s Credentials and then the On-Premise Admin User credential along with express settings option in AAD Connect

User Sign-in To Azure AD Options

  • Password Hash Syncronization:
    • This option allows users to sigin in to Azure AD using the same username & password that they use on-premise.
  • Pass-Through Authentication:
    • This option enables Azure AD to authenticate users using your on-premise Active Directory
  • Federation With AD FS
    • This option allows user to sign-in with AD FS as a federated Identity Provider
  • Federation with Ping Federate
    • Refer Here for PingFederate
    • This option allows users to sign-in with PingFederate.

After using Azure AD Connect

  • After configuring Synchronization with Azure AD Preview Preview

Next Steps

  • Custom RBAC
  • Azure Policy
  • Azure Management Groups

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