GCP Classroom Series – 10/Apr/2021

Google Deployment Manager

  • YAML tutorial Refer Here
  • As projects grow in size and complexity creating cloud resources manually or using a gcloud cli to create resources individually might not be a solution
  • In GCp there are several tool used for infrastructure managemetn which are collectively known as configuration management tools. These tool deliver value in the following areas
    • Repeatability
    • Transparency
    • Testability
  • Declarative Configuration Management:
    • Two primary approaches to infrastructure management are
      • imperative: how it has to be done
      • declarative: what has to be done
  • GCP Deployment manager is a declarative configuration management system.
  • The desired state is defined using configurations which are YAML files
  • The basic configuration file takes the following format
  - name: <Resource_Name>
    type: <Resource_Type>
      <key>: <value>
  • Refer Here for the official docs
  • In the documentation they use jinja which is closely related to yaml format
  • Resource types and properties
    • This resource type defines the kind of the resource to be created. These resources include VMs, disk, netowork, BigQuery, AppEngine, Pub/Sub
    • Manage base type takes the form of <API>.<VERSION>.<RESOURCE> eg compute.v1.instance
    • Refer Here for the list of supported resource types
    • Properties of the resource depends on the type used. Properties map directly to the types API representation. Preview Preview

Simple cloud deployment configuration

  • Ensure Deployment Manager API is enabled for the project
  • Try to create a configuration to create a storage bucket Refer Here for the configuration created
  • Now deploy the configuration from gcloud for cli Refer Here Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • now lets update the deployment to create a new network
    • Add the changes to the preview mode and the apply by executing update Refer Here for the changes done Preview
  • Now delete the deployment Preview
  • When we delete the deployment the resources created by the deployment will be deleted by deployment manager

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