Azure Classroom Series – 06/Jul/2021

Setting up On-Premise on Hyper V

  • Refer Here for hyper v setup
  • Refer Here to setup a NAT Network
  • Enable Hyper V and DHCP
  • Restart the System after installation
  • Create a DHCP Scope for assigning ip address to Virtual machines on HyperV. In this example we create a range from to
  • Install chocolatey by launching powershell as admin Refer Here
  • Install google chrome by executing choco install googlechrome -y
  • Install Vagrant by executing choco install vagrant -y. Vagrant will be used to create virtual machines on the Hyper V Servers which we would like to migrate.
  • Vagrant boxes for hyperv provider Refer Here
vagrant box add centos/7
vagrant box add generic/ubuntu18

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