DevOps Classroom Series – 06/Jul/2021


  • As shown in the below image we would like to have one commit (in blue) created in branch v2.0 to be added to v1.0 as it is important fix. Preview
  • Post Cherrypick Preview


  • As shown in the below image we have made changes in the master branch and we want those changes in the v1.0 and v2.0 branches Preview
  • After rebase Preview Preview

Some Useful Commands

  • View history of last n commits
git log -n
git log -3


  • View the graph
git log --decorate --graph --oneline --all


  • Search commit by message
git log --grep "expression"


  • Viewing the differences b/w any two commits
git diff <commitA>..<commitB>
git diff <branchA>..<branchB>
git diff --name-only <commitA>..<commitB>
git diff --name-only <branchA>..<branchB>


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