AWS Classroomnotes 14/Dec/2022

AWS RDS Read-Replica

  • The geo read replication is available
  • The primary database has following records
  • The read replica also has the same records
  • Now lets add some more records into primary database
  • Check in replicated database
  • Promote the read replica to support the write operations and disable replication from primary database

Multi-az deployment

  • Overview
  • In Multiaz rds two db instances master and standby are created.
  • Replication rules are auto configured.
  • The endpoint is not directly the master endpoint, AWS RDS will forward the request to server which is working.
  • If the master fails, AWS will automatically make standby the master (failover) which is automatic.
  • If you have a single AZ database that can be converted into multiaz
  • Lets try to create a new multi az database
  • Modify the db instance size
  • Even while the database is modifying we can still use the database
  • Exercise: Is the same true with single AZ?
use employees;
    PersonID int,
    LastName varchar(255),
    FirstName varchar(255),
    Address varchar(255),
    City varchar(255)

INSERT INTO `employees`.`Persons` VALUES (1, 'one','one','one','one');
INSERT INTO `employees`.`Persons` VALUES (2, 'two','two','two','two');

INSERT INTO `employees`.`Persons` VALUES (3, 'three','three','three','three');

INSERT INTO `employees`.`Persons` VALUES (4, 'four','four','four','four');

select * from employees.Persons;

Pricing of RDS

  • Factors impacting price of RDS
    • database engine
    • db instance size
    • storage costs
    • back up costs
    • reservations.
  • Refer Here for pricing calculator.
  • Reserved instances ( Save costs atleast 25-51% )
    • Terms:
      • 1 year
      • 3 years
    • Payment:
      • All upfront
      • Partial Upfront
      • No Upfront (1 year)
  • Reserved instances is commitment from customers to amazon for a long duration. Reserved instances will be charged if the database is up or not.

Pre-req’s for tomorrows workshop

  1. Laptop
    Visual Studio Code
    AWS Account
    AWS CLI installed
  2. Json and YAML knowledge refer here

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