DevOps Classroom Series – 27/Aug/2020

Setting up Chef infra

  • Chef Server:

    • We will be using hosted chef server at here
    • Lets download the starter kit to the workstation Preview Preview
    • Extract starter kit zip to some new folder
  • Chef Workstation:

    • In the workstation, we need to install chef dk software Preview
    • Now install the software.
    • Chef Workstation Components & Tools
      • Development Kit: Helps in developing the chef cookbooks & necessary tools
      • Chef dk includes the following command line tools
        • chef
        • knife
    • Chef workstation needs to know the chef-server details and these details are included in chef-starter kit which we have downloaded.
    • Starter kit is a chef-repo with credentials & url of the chef server Preview Preview
    • The .pem file is a private key that helps you connecting to chef-server
  • Chef Clients (Nodes):

    • For this exercise, i will be creating an ec2 ubuntu instance Refer Here Preview
  • Bootstrapping:

    • To bootstrap we will be using chefdk (workstation), we will build a command from a tool called as knife
    • Launch powershell and navigate to chef repo
    • Refer Here for knife bootstrap command line options
    • The bootstrap is done from workstation to the node (chef client)
    • Now build a knife bootstrap command line and execute the command with your pwd in the chef-repo (starter kit) Preview Preview
    • Node is added, lets verify that from command line
    knife node list


    • Lets verify the node in the chef server management ui Preview
    • Lets create a Redhat node on aws ec2 (username: ec2-user) Preview
    • Now lets bootstrap this node Preview Preview
    • Verify nodes in the command line and chef server management ui Preview Preview
    • Whenever we download starter kit server changes identity files, so previous bootstrapped nodes might be impacted, So download starter kit once and preserve the kit with you.
  • Exercise for today:

    • Execute two simple commands in your terminal of workstation after installing chefdk
    knife --help
    chef --help

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