Azure Classroomnotes 13/Aug/2022

Hybrid Connections in Azure

Site to Site VPN Connection

  • High level overview
  • Compatible VPN Devices Refer Here
  • For the purposes of simulating on-premises i will be creating a virtual network in AWS
  • Create a vnet with some subnets. Now create a VPN Gateway Refer Here
  • Now lets create a vpn connection between on-premises and Azure VNet

Azure Bastion

  • A Bastion Host and jumpbox are the machines/vms in the public network which help us connecting machines with private ip
  • Azure Bastion is a Managed service which creates HA bastion service to connect to machines in private subnet over any browser. It supports RDP and SSH protocols
  • Create a Azure Vnet with one subnet and ensure you have more ranges for other subnets
    • vnet:
    • subnet:
  • Create an ubuntu server in subnet with only private ip
  • Create a Windows Server in subnet with only private ip
  • Azure Bastion pricing Refer Here
  • Note: Watch the classroom video for references

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