DevOps Classroomnotes 16/Mar/2023

N-Tier Application

  • Consider the following architecture of a typical web application (ticket booking)
  • To realize this application on AWS, the high level overview is as shown below
  • To realize this application on Azure, the high level overview is as shown below

WOW (Ways of Working)

  • Lets realize the architecture manually, make a note of
    • resource
    • inputs
    • outputs
  • Find resources in Terraform to acheive the above manual steps

Configuring a Provider in Terraform

Install Terraform on a linux machine

  • Create a linux vm and ssh into it and execute the steps based on your distribution from here Refer Here

AWS Provider

  • Terraform aws provider uses the AWS APIs to get the infra created.
  • To Create infrastructure in your AWS Account, it needs AWS programatic credentials (Secret key and access key)
  • To configure these keys Refer Here
  • Create IAM Secret key and access key Refer Here for manual steps
  • Lets write provider configuration
provider "aws" {
    region = "us-west-2"
    access_key = "AKIAZ4ECZC3PP5DPPHG6"
    secret_key = "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"
  • This is not a great way as we are having sensitive information in the text format.
  • Best way is to install aws cli on the machine with terraform and terraform will automatically pickup credentials from there.
  • Installing aws cli Refer Here
  • Now your provider can be as simple as
provider "aws" {
    region = "us-west-2"

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