AWS Classroomnotes 16/Feb/2023

AWS EC2 Contd

  • AWS supports two types of block storage (for virtual hard disk storage)
    • Elastic Block Storage:
      • Mounted from a different host in Same AZ
      • This is Persistent Storage (Non Ephemeral)
      • EBS volumes can exist even after ec2 is deleted.
    • Instance Storage
      • Mounted from same host
      • This is volatile Storage (Ephemeral) i.e. shutdown of ec2 will wipe the data adn termination (deletion) of ec2 instance will delete the disks
  • EC2 charges:
    • Charge for instance type
    • Charge for EBS volumes
    • Charge for OS (For some AMIs)
  • AWS EC2 mandates all the OS disks should be EBS volumes
  • Only few EC2 instance types support instance storage

AWS EC2 Lifecycle

  • AWS EC2 instance states
  • Refer Here for official docs on instance life cycle.

EC2 Instance Types

  • Instance Family: This is hardware specification of Host (T, C, M etc) and then they have generations (t1, t2,t3, c1, c5)
  • Instance Size: Generally this is a multiplication factor
    • nano
    • micro
    • small
    • medium
    • large
    • xlarge
    • 2xlarge
  • Instance size also speaks about networking performance
  • Refer Here for Purpose based Instance Families

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