AWS Classroom Series – 25/Sept/2020

Cloudformation (Contd..)

  • Current state of template Preview
  • Now lets add a database which is rds mysql
    • db instance type: db.t2.micro
    • db storage size: 20 GB
    • db backup retention: 0 days
  • RDS Activities
    • Create a db subnet group Refer Here
    • With the changes done for subnet group create a changeset and execute the changeset to apply on the stack
    • Refer Here for dbsubnet changes
    • Now lets create a rds database as mentioned above Refer Here for cf syntax
    • The changes made are over here
  • Lets create an ec2 instance for the app tier with tomcat installed
    • Creating ec2 instance from cloud formation Refer Here
    • For today lets hardcode image id (This makes our template work only in mumbai region)
    • We have our first draft version, which creates a ec2 instance and install tomcat server, but we need do the following
      1. Ensure ubuntu 18 ami is selected for all regions
      2. Ensure app subnet is selected
      3. Create a security group for app subnet and attach it
    • The current changes are available over here

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