Azure Classroom Series – 05/Sept/2020

CDN Contd

  • Consider a qt website with videos directly on storage accessed by two user one from us (Jane) & Other from india (Ravi) Preview
  • Jane will have faster access to videos due to less network latency
  • Your organization qt wants jane & Ravi to have less latencies
  • You have decide to use azure cdn. CDN tries to copy the data into edge locations(pop) when the video is requested by any one user from the area and it will be cached Preview

Using Azure Storage account to host static website

  • Azure storage account can be used to host static content (html, css, javascript) from a storage container
  • Enabling Static website hosting Preview Preview
  • Once you enable static website hosting a container name $web will be created Preview
  • Upload html files and copy the url of your static website Preview
  • Once your website is accessed, now you can add alias dns records to DNS Server (Azure DNS/internal DNS) Refer Here

Using Storage Account to store logs

  • When we use diagnostics for azure resources we are internally storing the data in Azure storage account as a page blob

Archival in Azure

  • Uploading items to Archival Storage Preview
  • Rehydrating Archival items for Access

Azure File Share

  • Azure file share is a fully managed file share that offers endpoint for the SMB protocol.
  • Usecases:
    • Replace on-premises nas or san storages
    • For Storage migration
  • How to create a file share? Preview

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