DevOps Classroom Series – 14/Jul/2021

The Jenkins Plugin Manager

  • Jenkins derives most of its power from plugins. A plugin is a piece of software that upon installation will enhance the Jenkins functionality.

  • Jenkins Plugin Manager Preview Preview Preview

  • Updating existing plugins Preview Preview

  • Installing plugins Preview Preview

  • Lets assume your organization is using subversion as version control system Preview Preview Preview

  • Manually installing a Jenkins Plugin:

    • In Some cases we need to install the Jenkins Plugin
    • Jenkins plugins file extension will be of type .jpi (jenkins plugin interface) or .hpi (hudson plugin interface) Preview
  • Jenkins plugin index Refer Here

Jenkins Backup and restore

  • All of the Jenkins data is stored in the Jenkins home directory
    • /var/lib/jenkins
  • Most easiest way of taking backup is create a sync of jenkins home directory in some other system
  • Sample Highly Available Jenkins setup Preview
  • Periodic Backups of Jenkins using Plugins Preview
  • Configuring periodic backup
    • Manage Jenkins => Periodic Backup Manager Preview
    • Now click configure and ensure we have a folder for backups and provide the information as discussed in the class.

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