AWS Migration Series – 9/Oct/2019

Why do I need migration?

  • Organization wants to leverage cloud
  • Make your systems/architecture highly available
  • Making your application available in multiple countries

What are different kinds of Migration?

  • Physical Server to Physical Server (P2P)
    • Not possible in AWS
    • Rackspace (CoLo)
  • Physical Server to Virtual Servers (P2V)
    • Import-Image
  • Virtual Server to Virtual Servers (V2V)

What is possible in AWS

* Servers
    * VMware ESXI
    * Hyper-V (Windows Servers)/ SCCVM(System Center Controlled Virtual Machines)
    * Azure
* Database
    * mySQL
    * PostgreSQL
    * SQL Server
    * Oracle

How can AWS help in Migrations?

  • AWS Server Migration Service
  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • You can also use supported third party migrations

Lab Setup


  • Windows Server 2016 installed laptop
  • Azure
    • Windows Server with HyperV enabled


  • Linux machine with some application installed
  • Linux machine with some database installed

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