Azure Migration Series- 09/Oct/2019

Need for migrations

  • Companies would like to leverage cloud.
  • Current infrastructure needs to be scaled.
  • Business Expansion in various countries
    • Some countries have strict data rules
    • In those cases maintaining BCDR is extremely costly solution

Kinds of migrations

  • Physical Servers to Physical Server
    • Not supported by cloud generally.
    • This can be acheived by CoLo (Co-Location)
  • Physical Server to Virtual Servers (P2V)
  • Virtual Servers to Virtual Servers (V2V)
    • Hyper-V
    • VmWare

Azure Solution

Azure Migrate: * Sources: * Server Migration * Physical Servers * Hyper-V * VmWare * AWS * Database Migration * Microsoft SQL Server * mySQL * Postgres * NoSQL


Azure migrate also allows to integrate with third parties to do migration.

Lab Setup (Simulate Migration)

  • P2V Migration:
    • Linux Machine:
      • Install some application.
  • V2V Migrations
    • HyperV
      • Windows 2016 Server
      • Enable HyperV
    • VmWare ESXI
    • Amazon

HyperV on Azure.

If you would like to have hyperV on Azure. Try here

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