AWS Classroom Series – 03/Jan/2021

AWS Glacier

  • Glacier is a secure, durable and extremely low cost AWS S3 storage aclass for data archiving and long term back
  • Glacier data cannot be accessed and the only way of accessing the data from glacier is change the storage class into standard, infrequent access etc
  • Vault: This is container for storing archives
  • Archive: This can be any data and is a base unit of storage in Glacier. Each archvie has a unique id and optional description
  • Job: Thes perform a select query on archive, retrieve an archive or get inventory of a vault.
  • Retrieving the data from archive typically takes minutes to 12 hours
  • AWS Support one more storage class called as Glacier Deep archive, where the data is stored in offline tapes in AWS AZ. Retrieval time will be in hours
  • Vault contents cannot be viewed in aws console. Using AWS Console we can create only vaults. Uploading the archives to vaults can be done using
    • AWS SDK
    • AWS CLI
  • Lets create a vault from console Preview Preview
  • Refer Here for java sdk based archive upload
  • Refer Here for .net sdk based archive upload
  • Refer Here for download archive using java
  • Refer Here for download archive using .net
  • Refer Here for aws glacier cli and multipart uploads
  • Sample cli command
aws glacier upload-archive --account-id 353635396145 --vault-name ltbackupvault --body .\

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