AWS Classroom Series – 26/Jul/2020

Load Balancers in AWS

  • In AWS we have 3 loadbalancers

    • Elastic Load Balancer (Classic LoadBalancer)
    • Application Load Balancer
    • Network LoadBalancer
  • All the loadbalancers in aws can be

    • interet facing loadbalancers
    • internal load balancers
  • Is it ok if your loadbalancer sends traffic to a machine/instance which has a failure (crash, application not working)?, To solve this aws has health checks.

  • Health checks in AWS are of following types

    • TCP
    • HTTP
    • HTTPS
  • Two terms to understand load balancers in AWS

    • Listener
    • Registered Instances Preview
  • Classic Load Balancer:

    • Can be used for Layer 4 & Layer 7 loadbalancing
    • Old loadbalancer & AWS recommends using Application Load balancer or Network Loadbalancer Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Application Load Balancer

    • Can be used for Layer 7 loadbalancing.
    • Here there is concept of target group Preview
  • Network Load Balancer

    • Can be used for Layer 4 loadbalancing Preview Preview Preview Preview

DNS in AWS (Route 53)

  • Route 53 is DNS as a service in AWS
  • Using Route53
    • Register the domain
    • Route internet traffic to the resources
    • Check the health of resources
  • We need to have a domain already or purchase a domain Preview Preview Preview
  • If you already have a domain purchase from other seller like godaddy, login into godaddy and change nameservers to the highlighted ones in above image

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