Azure Classroom Series – 26/Jul/2020

Azure Load Balancer

  • Azure Load balancer operates at Layer 4 of the OSI model. Preview

  • Backend pool might consist of Azure virtual machines or Virtual Machine Scale set

  • Load balancers are of two types

    • Public loadbalancer
    • Interal loadbalancer Preview
  • Azure gives loadbalancer as a service.

  • Should load balancer forward the traffic to vm which has failed? To resolve this azure gives user an option to perform health checks of vms using health probes

  • Health Probes can be done by tcp/http ping operations

  • Load balancer sku’s

    • Basic Loadbalancer
      • Backend pool size: support upto 300 instances
      • Backend pool endpoints: Virtual machines in single availability set or virtual machine scale sets
      • Health Probes: TCP, HTTP
      • Availability Zone: Not available
      • SLA: Not available
    • Standard Loadbalancer
      • Backend pool size: support upto 1000 instances
      • Backend pool endpoints: Any virtual machines or virtual machine scale sets in a single vnet
      • Health Probes: TCP, HTTP, HTTPS
      • Availability zone: Zone-redundance is supported
      • SLA: 99.99%
  • Inbound NAT rules:

    • An inbound NAT rule forwards the traffic send to Fronend Ip address & Port combination. The traffic is sent to a specific vm or instance in backend pool.
    • We use inbound NAT rules for ssh & RDP connectivity generally
  • Create a load balancer Refer Here

Azure Application Gateway

  • Azure Application Gateway is a web traffic load balancer that manages traffic to your web applications i.e. it works on Layer 7 Preview
  • Create an application gateway Refer Here

Azure DNS

  • Azure DNS is a hosting service for DNS domains that provide name resolution by using Azure infra.

  • You can’t use Azure DNS to buy domains, you can buy domains in azure using app service domains.

  • Azure also gives a private DNS. Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • If you have purchase domain name from a different seller like godaddy, login into godaddy and change the name servers to azure nameservers Preview

Private DNS Zone

  • To Create a private dns zone Preview Preview Preview Preview

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