Azure Classroom Series – 06/Jun/2021

Disks in Azure

  • Azure Disks Overview Preview
  • Create a Linux VM
  • login into the VM and execute
sudo lsblk
sudo df -h

Preview Preview

  • Create a Windows VM
  • Log into the VM and Navigate to This PC and make a note of drives available. Preview Preview
  • Backup of a disk is called as snapshot Preview Preview Preview
  • Data disk is an additional disk which can be mounted to a virtual machine Preview Preview Preview
  • Partition a new disk and mount it Preview
  • If you want this partition to be loaded after restarts Preview
  • Lets try to do the same on windows server
  • Azure managed disk types Refer Here

Azure Unmanaged Disks

  • This disks are created in Azure Storage Account as VHD files
  • Compared to un managed disks, Azure managed disks provide
    • better scalability
    • Azure has a limit of 20000 IOPS per storage account.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR) is one stop solution for backups and disaster recovery Preview Preview Preview Preview

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