AWS Classroom Series – 15/Sept/2020

John an AWS System Operator

  • Lets try to understand the profile of John who is working as AWS SysOps Engineer in Learning Thoughts
  • Learning Thoughts uses aws cloud to deploy applications
  • What will be John’s roles & responsibilities. Preview
  • John is expected
    • To Keep application environments running at max performance at all the times.
    • Deploy systems:
      • Installing common packages on instances
      • Embracing fully automation ci/cd
      • Understand container services, micro services& serverless architectures as John has to maintain them
    • Monitoring:
      • Rendering all the real-time data of the environments
      • Implementing alerting functionality
      • Responding to alerts and fixing them
      • Search through log files generated by systems to troubleshoot failures.
    • Optimizing:
      • Expected to optimize the systems for Optimal Cost & Performance
    • Implementing Highly Available & Fault tolerant systems
    • Implement a Backup & Disaster Recovery Plan

Story of Keshav in TaxKhan

  • Tax Khan is an Organization which runs
    • Payrolls
    • Security Audits
    • GST filing
    • Income tax Preview
  • Now Taxkhan wants to move to AWS rather than hosting physical infrastructure.
  • To do the migration Taxkhan hired an aws cloud migration specialist Keshav Preview
  • Lets look at expectations of TaxKhan from Keshav
    1. Evaluate the Current Systems & Create a Migration Plan
    2. Try to use in-house tools of Amazon to Perform Migration
    3. Migration should not impact business day works
  • Tax Khan uses
    • Virtual Machines for hosting applications
      • Hyper-V
      • Vmware ESXI
    • Databases (mySQL, Postgres, DB2)
    • Physical Servers

Lab Setup (John):

  1. AWS Account Refer Here
  2. Create EC2 instances Refer Here
  3. Set of Softwares: Refer Here

Monitoring and Alerting (John)

  • EC2 – Instance: Exploring the monitoring Preview Preview
  • Cloudwatch: Preview
  • CloudTrail: Preview
  • Simple Notification Service: Preview

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