Azure Classroomnotes 27/Apr/2023

Offline Transfers

  • Azure Databox family has 3 devices
    • Azure Databox Disk
    • Azure Databox
    • Azure DataBox heavy
  • These devices will be sent to onpremises by azure. Copy the data and azure will transport and import into Azure Storage account
  • This approach is sensible for one time transfers/migrations.

Online recurrent transfers

  • If you need to copy certain amount of data every day into azure data centers
  • Azure Databox Gateway is a virtual device that can be installed on os and transfers the data into Azure
  • Databox pricing Refer Here

Hierarchical Storage (Azure Data lake Storage)

  • Refer Here for Azure data lake storage gen2
  • Creation


  • Create a storage account
    • Explain difference between Standard and Premium in terms of IOPS
    • Explain Blob types
    • Maximum and minimum file sizes in blob storage
  • What are Azure Storage Account limits
  • Maximum and Minimum Disk Sizes and IOPS in Azure
    • Standard
    • Premium
    • Ultra
  • AzCopy features
    • Copy
    • Synchronize
  • Creating Snapshots automatically and manually?

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