Azure Classroomnotes 01/Dec/2022

Azure Page Blobs

  • Page Blob is unmanged disk storage.
  • Page Blobs individually donot have iops. IOPS is given to Storage account.
  • Refer Here

Azure Data Box

  • Azure Data Box is used to transfer data on-premises to Azure.
  • It supports two broadways

    • offline
      • Data Box => 100 TiB
      • DataBox Disk => 40 TiB
      • Data Box Heavy => 1 PiB
    • online
  • Data Transfer Options
  • Pricing Refer Here

Azure Backup Service

  • Refer Here
  • Lets create a storage account with file shares and blobs
  • Create a virtual machine (managed disk)
  • For Managed Disk, To create backup manually we can create snapshot
  • For Storage account, we can create replication rules to copy the data to other storage account
  • Refer Here for steps to backup a virtual machine.

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