DevOps Classroom notes 17/Oct/2023

Azure DevOps

  • Azure DevOps was earlier called as Visual Studio Team Services
  • Azure DevOps offers servies to

    • manage agile projects
    • test management
    • Pipelines
  • Features of Azure DevOps

    • Management:
      • Azure Boards
      • Agile Management
    • Testers:
      • Test Management
    • DevOps:
      • Pipelines
    • Developer:
      • Version Control System
  • Azure DevOps setup

    • Azure DevOps Server:
      • We need to install this on Windows Servers
    • Azure DevOps Services
      • This is already hosted
      • We can create account using
        • GitHub
        • Microsoft Account
  • Plans
  • High level overview
  • Services offered
    • Wiki: For documentations
    • Boards: Here the whole project items
      • product backlog
      • sprint backlogs
      • burn down charts …
      • Scrum board
    • Azure Repos: This is to manage source code
    • Azure Pipelines: This is to manage CI/CD pipelines
    • Azure Test Plans: Test management i.e. Test cases, executions, defects and reports are managed here
    • Azure Artifacts: Storage for packages build during pipelines

Azure DevOps

  • Creating a GitHub Account: create an account in github Refer Here
  • Once the Github Account is created
  • Now navigate Refer Here

DevOps pipeline High level overview

  • Why do we need to do Continuous Integrations?
    • We do integrations multiple times in a day from day 1 of the project so that we can avoid surpirses during big bang integrations.
    • To perform automated integrations we need tools
      • build/package the code
      • run the tests
      • evaluate the test results
  • The idea is perform continuous integration for almost every change submitted by developer(s)
  • Open Questions- To be discussed tomorrow:
    • What are the tests that need to be executed?
    • How can code written by developers improved ?

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