Cloud Essential Series – 30/Mar/2020

Enterprise Needs

  • Every Organization has various infra needs
    • Storage
    • Compute

Storage Needs

  • Lets understand Storage Needs of the organizations by the scenarios Preview
  • Lets classify storage into various different sections
    • Network Storage
    • Server Backup Storage
    • Archive Storage
  • Scenario 1: Organization want to save cost on Archival Storage
    • Every cloud gives archival storage at very less cost
    • Thats the motivation for organizations to move to cloud for atleast archival storage. Preview
  • Scenario 2: Organization wants to move infrequently used backups to Cloud
    • Same as above
  • The both scenarios above speak about moving the data into cloud. But for moving what are options which we have
    • Uploading the data using Internet:
      • Advantages: Easy
      • Disadvantage: Unreliable and time consuming
      • Usage: We will use this approach when we are uploading small sizes and this approach will not workout if we use for large sizes of storage
    • Uploading using the Offline Methods
      • Advantages: Good for large storage movements
      • Disadvantage: Costly
      • Usage: When data to be transferred to the cloud is huge and one time. Preview
    • Special Hardware Devices:
      • Cloud Provider provides a special servers which can be installed on Cloud Consumers Datacenters and this server will help in synchronizing the data with cloud providers storage.
      • When to Use: Use this mode when daily sync has to happen between cloud and On-Premise Preview

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