DevOps Essential Series – 30/Mar/2020

Build and Package the Code

  • For any application, developers write code and customers use application. What happens in between is different for different application types Preview
  • What are different Application Types?
    • Thick Client/Desktop Applications:
      • Examples: Chrome Browser, Microsoft Word, VLC Media Player Preview
    • Thin Client/Web Based Applications:
      • Examples:, etc. Preview
    • Mobile Applications:
      • Examples: Whatsapp, moneycontrol etc Preview

Thin Client Application Build or Packaging

  • Code is compiled and then a package suitable to app/web server is created

  • Then this package is deployed on the app/web server

  • Deploy is copying the code and if required configuring the app/web server Preview

  • Java-Maven into tomcat Example

    • Get the code
    • compile the code mvn compile
    • package the code mvn package
    • Now copy the war file to <tomcat-dir>/webapps
  • Dotnet Example into IIS Server

    • Get the code
    • Compile the code msbuild <path to code csproj/sln>
    • Package the code msbuild /t:publish
    • Now take this package and copy into C:\inetpub and configure the IIS server


  • Exercise-1: Find the Steps to deploy the java application into jboss
  • Exercise-2: Find the Steps to deploy the python application into apache webserver

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