DevOps Classroom Series – 18/Feb/2020

Classic Process

  • Dev and Ops with a different priorities
    • Dev => Implementing Features
    • Ops => Stability of System/Application Preview


  • Dev & Ops with a same mind set, Deploy ASAP Preview

Class SRE implements DevOps

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE)

  • SRE is the way google deploys & maintains Applications
  • Define the Following
    • SLI (Service Level Indicator)
    • SLO (Service Level Objective)
    • SLA (Service Level Agreement)


  • Any important metric that is measured over a certain period of time
  • Eg:
Latency < 100 ms over last 5 mins

page response < 1 sec over last 5 mins

Service Level Objectives

  • Metric over a larger period of time
  • Eg
Application will be up 99.95% of the time over last month

Service Level Agreement

  • Get an agreemnet with the customer on Some SLO and if it not met you are supposed to pay the customer with some rewards

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