Azure Classroom Series – 19/Feb/2020

Networking in Azure

  • The Service offered by Azure for Networking is VNet


  • VNET helps in creating a network in a Region
  • VNET cannot be directly connected to any NIC
  • Using VNET create Subnets and Subnets can be connected to NIC

Default Behavior of VNET

  • Communications between subnets with in a VNET is allowed by default
  • VNET is internet enabled by default
  • Communications between two VNETS is not allowed by default
  • Note: These behaviors can be changed by customizing Preview

Exercise-1: Try Creating a free Linux/Windows VM

  • Open Azure Portal
  • Navigate to All Services => Free
  • Select Linux/Windows VM and then Create
  • Now Create a Resource Group with some name (helloworld)
  • and then enter all the required fields and click Review & Create
  • Now Select Create

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