AWS Classroom Series – 19/Feb/2020

Networking in AWS

  • Service in AWS which allows us to create networking is VPC (Virtual Private Cloud)


  • VPC is a Network creation Service.

  • VPC belongs to a Region

  • Machines cannot be directly created in a Region, we need to create subnets in VPC

  • Each Subnet belongs to Availability Zone

  • All the communications between subnets are allowed by default

  • VPC will not be connected to internet by default Preview

  • Communications between two vpc’s is not allowed by default Preview

Internet Gateway

  • If your VPC requires internet connection in a dual mode then we need internet gateway to be created and attached to VPC

Route Tables

  • Route table are much like routers. In this route table you can define rules

Elastic Network Interface (ENI)

  • ENI is an interface which connects to VM(Ec2 instance/rds instance) to the subnet
  • IP Address will be assigned to ENI

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