Azure Classroomnotes 09/May/2022

VMSS contd..

  • Scaling VMs based on metrics
  • Lets configure Azure VMSS to start with 1 VMs
  • Increase the VMs by 1 when the CPU utilization is greater than 80% for last 5 mins and decrease the VMs by 1 when the CPU CPU Utilization is less than 50% for last 5 mins.
  • For the purpose of understanding the autoscaling, in this example i’m enabling public ip address but ideally vmss will be without public ip
  • Now enable auto scaling and create vmss
  • View the instances
  • Lets login and create artifical cpu load on this vm
  • As discussed over in the session, the number of vms will be increased or decreases based on the configured rule.
  • In ideal scenarios, we will be creating a load balancer with public ip to access the application running in vmss
  • The VMSS will be the backend for the loadbalancer.
  • Generally we will have two kinds of loadbalancing based on ip
    • public or external load balancer
    • private or internal load balancer
  • Next Steps:
    • Creating a VMSS with external and internal load balancer and application gateway.
    • How to perform maintenance (OS upgrades/extension upgrades)

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