DevOps Classroomnotes 28/Jun/2022

What is Monolith

  • This is a unit of deployment, where all the functionality of the system has to be deployed together
  • Single Process Monolith
  • Modular Monolith: Subset of Single Process Monolith
  • Challanges:
    • The whole application has to be deployed and the necessary changes in the database also should be up to the mark
    • When there is load on som part/module of your application and you need to scale the whole application

What are micro services

  • Microservices are independently deployable services modelled around business domain.
  • These microservices communicate with each other via networks
  • Each service can be developed in a differnt programming language as the communications between microservices are generally over http
  • Challenges:

    • Microservices are distributed systems, so managing the application is more complex than a monolith
  • For deploying the applications which are microservices and handling challenges, we would require an orchestration software and kubernetes is best player in this area.

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