AWS Classroom Series – 07/Jul/2020

Networking (On-Premise)

  • Organization (LearningThoughts) with Single Site Preview
  • Organization (Learning Thoughts) with multiple sites Preview
  • In both of these organization owns the network

Networking with Amazon Cloud added

  • When we add cloud then we create virtual infrastructure with virtual networks Preview

Different Applications in Organization (Learning Thoughts)

  • LT has the following kinds of applications
  • LT wants to run internet apps on cloud, how would i design it?
  • LT wants to run intranet apps on cloud, how would i design it?
  • How would LT use the networking benifits of AWS?
  • Lets take one ecommerce application developed by LT which has to run on cloud (as of now it is on premise) Preview
  • Now you are asked to create a network design to run LT commerce application on AWS Cloud

Solution for designing the network on AWS

  • Topics to be clear with for internet applications
    • IP Address
    • Subnets
    • Virtual Network
    • AWS Infrastructure (Region & AZ)
    • Public and Private networks
    • Basic Networking
      • TCP/OSI
      • Routing
      • NAT
      • DHCP
      • DNS
  • Topics to be clear with for intranet applications
    • VPN’s (Virtual Private Network)
    • Hybrid Cloud
  • Topics for leveraging advantages
    • Load balancing

Our approach

  1. Lets start from basic networking
  2. Lets understand home internet connection
    • Basic connection: Preview
    • What happens when wifi router is down (Will there be network)?
      • Network will not exist Preview
    • What happens when modem is down?
      • yes we would have network but it will not connect to internet Preview
    • Is your home network public or private?
      • Home networks are private
    • Then how is private network connecting to google or any other site on internet?
      • Your requests to are forwarded to ISP (Internet Service Provider) Preview

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