AWS Classroom Series – 30/May/2020

Migration Story


  • Organization ‘ASquarezone’ has applications running on-premise and they want to run the applications/workloads from aws
  • Teams
    • RAM and Team:
      • Maintain the IT, Backups and all the other infra in the on-premise Datacenters
      • Responsible for all the maintenance activities
    • John:
      • Architect who has to design migration
    • Steve and Team:
      • Cloud Engineers who will implement the migration as designed by John
  • John’s Responsibilities:
    • Understand 6R’s of migration and need to come up with the Migration approach
  • Steve’s Responsibilities:
    • Implement Migration
  • What will we learn
    • Virtual Machines to AWS (V2V)
    • Databases to AWS
    • Possibilities for migrating the Physical machine to AWS
    • AWS Services:
      • Service Migration Service
      • Database Migration Service

6R’s of Migration

  • Refer Here Preview
  • Rehosting (lift and shift)
  • Replatforming (lift, tinker and shift)
  • Rearchitect/Refactor (rewriting)
  • Retain
  • Retire
  • Repurchase

Labsetup: Simulate the Migration

  1. HyperV to AWS
    • To simulate HyperV Server, since we dont have physical hyper v servers, lets create hyperv server and 3 vms in azure
  2. Vmware Vsphere to AWS (Physical setup) Preview

Creating HyperV Server on Azure and creating virtual machines

choco install googlechrome -y
choco install vagrant -y
choco install git -y
  • restart the virtual machine and login into powershell
vagrant box add centos/7
cd c:\
mkdir onpremise
cd onpremise\
mkdir tomcat
mkdir apache
mkdir iis
cd tomcat
  • Create a virtual machine using vagrant in apache folder
cd C:\onpremise\apache
vagrant init centos/7
vagrant up
vagrant ssh 
sudo yum install httpd -y
sudo systemctl enable httpd.service
sudo systemctl start httpd.service

  • Create a virtual machine using vagrant in tomcat folder
cd C:\onpremise\tomcat
vagrant init centos/7
vagrant up
vagrant ssh
sudo yum install tomcat -y
sudo systemctl enable tomcat.service
sudo systemctl start tomcat.service

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