Azure Classroomnotes 02/Nov/2022

Storage in Azure

  • Azure offers services to create/manage storage according to our needs.
  • Lets look at storage services offered by Azure
  • Major Services:
    • Storage Account
      • Disk Storage
      • File Storage
      • Log Storage
      • Blob Storage
      • Data lake storage
    • Managed Disks
    • Hybrid Cloud:
      • Storsimple
      • Azure Stack Edge
    • Storage Migrations:
      • Data Box
    • Datalake’s
    • HPC Data Share

Azure Global Infrastructure

  • Regions: Refer Here
    • Regions without Zones
    • Regions with zones
  • PoP (Points of Presence): Refer Here
  • Azure Backbone Network: Network connecting every azure region and PoP


  • Redundancy: Copy of the original that can be used for disasters/failure recoveries. Azure Supports following redundancies
    • Within Datacenter
    • Zone redundancy
    • Region redundancy
  • Latency: Time taken by a network packet to travel from your local system to server. Refer Here for the website to help find latencies

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