AWS Classroomnotes 01/Nov/2022


  • Single Tenant: Hardware specifically assigned to one customer
  • Mult-tenant: Mulitple customers using same hardware but each customer has no visibility of other customers using the same and also no access.
  • Storage Redundancy: Redundancy is all about having multiple copies
    • AZ based Redundancy: Multiple copies in multiple AZ’s of same region
    • Region Based Redundancy: Mulitple copies in multiple Regions.
  • Latency: Time taken by a network packet to reach to destination. Latency from your system to different AWS regions Refer Here

Global infrastructure in AWS

  • Regions & AZs: Refer Here
  • Edge Locations:
    • Refer Here
    • Only for 2 purposes:
      • Point of Presence for Content Delivery Networks
      • To provide direct connectivity between on-premises and AWS Global Network.
  • Global Network

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