DevOps Classroom Series – 16/Mar/2021

Containers: Big picture

  • Applications are heart of business.
  • Most of the Applications run on Servers
  • Earlier we used to run one application on each server
  • Then we had hypervisors which helped in creating virtual machines
  • VM’s are great but they are far from perfect
  • Every vm requires its own dedicated OS is a major flaw, Every OS consumes CPU, RAM and other resources that could otherwise be used to power more applications
  • For a long time, big players like Google have been using container technologies to address the shortcoming of vm model
  • But an organization called as Docker Inc has made it very simple to create container which was not the case earlier
  • Companies like Microsoft joined hands with Docker and made changes in their OS to accomodate docker container Preview

Lab Environment

  • Create a Docker hub account Refer Here
  • Once your account creation is completed login into docker playground Refer Here using docker hub account Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • To toggle full screen use ALT+Enter

Windows System Setup

MAC System Setup

Exercise for 1 week

  • Watch 1-7 videos of DevOps Essentials Refer Here

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