DevOps Classroomnotes 29/Sep/2022

Notifications Contd…

  • For sending mail we have pipeline step Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the changes done
  • Refer Here for the changes which include tghe Environmental variables
  • Mail Sending in the case of scripted pipeline
node {
    try {
        stage('test') {
            sh 'echo hello'
        stage('learning') {
            git url: '',
                branch: 'master'
    catch(err) {
        mail subject: "Build Failed for Jenkins JOB $env.JOB_NAME with Build ID $env.BUILD_ID", 
                  body: "Build Failed for Jenkins JOB $env.JOB_NAME", 
                  to: ''
    finally {
        mail subject: "Build Completed for Jenkins JOB $env.JOB_NAME", 
                  body: "Build Completed for Jenkins JOB $env.JOB_NAME \n Click Here: $env.JOB_URL", 
                  to: ''



Static Code Analysis And Quality Gates

  • For every commit it is difficult & time consuming to review the code manually on application features, language best practices, code coverage (unit test imporovements) etc..
  • Static Code Analysis tools can scan the code for
    • Language Best Practices
    • Code Coverage
    • Design issues
    • Security Issues (SAST, SCA)
  • Sonarqube is the tool which can perform static code analysis.
  • If you want your ci/cd pipeline to consider build as failure if the report from static code analysis is not ok/ not meeting your organization criteria, then we need to implement Quality Gate.

Package Repository or Artifact Repository

  • During CI/CD we build packages. If we want to store these packages in some repository so that we can deploy any version on our Dev, QA, UAT, PROD environments
  • There are lot of options here, But JFrog/Artifactory is widely adopted Refer Here
  • The other options are
    • Nexus
    • GitHub Packages
    • Azure Artifacts (Azure DevOps)



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