DevOps Classroomnotes 24/Sep/2023

kubernetes ingress

  • Ingress: It is about layer 7 load balancing from external into k8s cluster
  • This has 3 major components
    • service: This forwards request to pod(s) matching labels
    • ingress: This defines the rules about layer 7 load balancing.
    • ingress controller: k8s by design doesnot have any default implemetation of layer 7 load balancing, This is where we can use external ingress controller implementations.
      • Examples:
        • nginx
        • haproxy
        • traefik
        • azure application gateway (aks)
        • elastic application load balancer (eks)
  • Refer Here the article over here
  • Watch classroom video for details

CI/CD Pipeline

Adding security

  • Get the Code + Scan the code for security vulnerabilities (Veracode)
  • Build the docker image + Scan the docker image
  • Executing the Penetration tests

implement CI/CD Pipeline

  • Tools:
    • jfrog artifactory:
      • Docker registry
      • X-ray: Scanning docker images
    • Jenkins
      • node:
        • docker
        • kubectl
  • Assumptions:
    • kubectl is connected to k8s cluster in the node
    • you have create a secret
  • Creating secret
kubectl create secret docker-registry regcred --docker-username=<username> --docker-password=<token> --docker-email=<email-id>

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