DevOps Classroomnotes 14/May/2023


  • To understand concept of ingress Refer Here
  • In k8s we have 3 major objects which will help in ingress (layer 7 loadbalancing)
    • ingress
    • ingressController: This is a third party implementation Refer Here
    • ingressClass
  • K8s doesnot have controller for ingress.
  • Lets create four simple applicatons Refer Here for changes done
  • Create docker image and push them to registry
  • For this classroom purpose i will be using nginx-ingress-controller Refer Here
  • Our implementation:
  • lets install nginx-ingress controller using helm
helm repo add nginx-stable
helm repo update
helm upgrade --install ingress-nginx ingress-nginx \
             --repo \
             --namespace ingress-nginx --create-namespace

* After last command we see output which better copy to some notepad
* Now execute the following command to watch for external ip to nginx ingress controller kubectl --namespace ingress-nginx get services -o wide -w ingress-nginx-controller
* Get ingress classes and there should be nginx ingress class from helm chart
* lets deploy application and services. Refer Here for the changes
* Refer Here for the manifest file for ingress
* Now create ingress object
* Get external ip of ingress controller using kubectl --namespace ingress-nginx get services -o wide -w ingress-nginx-controller
* Refer Here for official docs of ingress

Node autoscaler

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