AWS Classroom Series – 17/Mar/2021


  • Learning Thoughts Datacenter Preview

  • Learning Thoughts has two Datacenters around the cloud and 3 different locations where they have development centers Preview

  • Lets assume the applications of ficticious organization learningthoughts and look at their architectures and thier plans to run the applications on the cloud (AWS)

  • LT-ehealth:

    • As of now this application is running in Learning Thoughts(LT) datacenter
    • The architecture of this application is Preview
  • LT-ehealth is considering two solution approaches to move to AWS

    • Run everything on AWS Preview
    • Run everything apart from database in AWS Preview
  • As a first assignment we are expected to design network for both the solutions

  • To design and implement the networks in AWS we need the following knowledge

    • Ip Addressing
    • Subnetting
    • Routing
    • NAT
    • DNS
    • VPNs
    • TCP Protocol
    • Load balancing
  • Exercise: Take a closer look and understand your internet connection with wifi router at home

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