Windows Classroom Series – 30/Oct/2020

Powershell Desired State Configuration (Contd..)

DSC Configuration files

  • DSC Configuration script file is a powershell script file (.ps1) that defines a special type of function Configuration
# First we declare the configuration
Configuration HelloDsc 
  # Then we need to declare where we want to run the Configurarion
  Node "localhost" 
    # Then we declare the desired state using DSC Resources
    Log MyMessage
       Message = "Hello, Welcome to the World of DSC"


# Compile the configuration file
  • Authoring DSC Configuration requires us to understand
    • DSC automatic Variables
    • Configuration Data
    • Configuration file
    • DSC Resources
  • To author the DSC Configuration, we need to defined the state and state definition at the lowest (atomic) level is done by DSC Resource
  • DSC resources are Powershell modules that contain both the schema and implementation to determine and set the state on target Node
  • Execute Get-DSCResource on the node Preview
  • Lets write a dsc configuration to install iis server on Target node
  • Let try to find about one resource WindowsFeature Refer Here
  • To Import DSC Resource Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the changes made
  • For Built in resources Refer Here refer to section windows built in resources

Configuration Data

  • DSC Configuration Data
  • Refer Here for the changes done

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