AWS Classroom Series – 30/Oct/2020

AWS Networking

  • AWS has a service called as VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) for creating private networks. Preview

  • VPC will be at a region level.

  • In AWS, we have infrastructure at AZ (Availability Zone), So we create subnets at az level Preview

  • Subnet is at AZ level and one AZ can have multiple subnets. Subnet will be linked to only one AZ.(AZ => subnet can be classified as one to many)

  • Lets create our first vpc to run an ntier application. This ntier application has

    • web servers
    • app servers (business logic)
    • db servers
    • mgmt servers (administration)
  • Lets create vpc in oregon region Preview

  • Oregon has 4 AZ’s and the region code is us-west-2 Preview

  • Now AZ’s will be

    • us-west-2a
    • us-west-2b
    • us-west-2c
    • us-west-2d
  • Lets create the subnets.

    • web => us-west-2a
    • app => us-west-2b
    • db => us-west-2c
    • mgmt => us-west-2d
  • Each subnet will have 200 devices 2^n ~= 200 n=8.

    • VPC CIDR =
    • web =
    • app =
    • db =
    • mgmt =
  • Lets create vpc Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview

  • Now lets add subnets Preview Preview

  • Create other 3 subnets Preview

  • Lets delete this vpc Preview Preview

  • Now Lets create one more vpc as described in below image Preview

  • Each subnet should be able to connect 200 devices

  • Subnet Sizing:

    • AWS allows you to create subnet block between the sizes /28 (16 devices) to /16 (65536)
    • In Each subnet you will not be able to use 5 ip addresses (x.x.x => subnet cidr)
      • x.x.x.0 => Network Address
      • x.x.x.1 => Reserved by AWS for VPC Router
      • x.x.x.2 => Reserved by AWS for the ip address of DNS Server
      • x.x.x.3 => Reserved by AWS for future usage
      • x.x.x.255 => broadcast address
    • Number of ip’addresses available in subnet is (2^n – 2), in the case of AWS it is (2^n-5)
  • Next Steps:

    • There is already a vpc in your region (default vpc)
    • How to create networks from command line. Refer Here to install aws cli on your system.

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