Azure Classroomnotes 05/Nov/2022

Data Protection

  • Data Protection Options
  • Recovering deleted files and containers:

    • Create a storage account with any redundancy option
    • Ensure the data protection is selected for blobs and containers.
    • Create a container and upload some files.
    • Delete any file
    • Now enable show deleted blobs
    • Lets try to recover the file
    • We can recover the deleted container as well
  • Recovering deleted storage account:
    • Ensure you have not created the storage with same name post delete
    • Ensure the same is true for resoruce group name as well.
    • Refer Here for official docs
    • Navigate to storage accounts and restore

Storage Explorer

  • Azure has a software called as storage explorer to work with storage accounts and also is useful for developers to emulate storage accounts.
  • Download the software Refer Here
  • Open the storage account in explorer
  • Note: I had an issue with subscription not loading, you please check on your system and confirm.


  • Lets play with powershell
  • Launch Powershell as Admin in your system
  • To work with commands we need some shell. Windows has two popular interfaces
    • dos prompt/command prompt
    • Powershell
  • Powershell is inbuilt in all versions of windows.
  • Windows Terminal is shell host. It can run various shells like
    • Powershell
    • Azure Cloud Shell
    • Git Bash
    • Cmd
  • Windows Terminal works in Windows 10 +
  • Azure Cloud Shell : This is a browser based shell for the users logged in to portal
  • Windows Powershell has
    • cmdlets:
      • Is a command in the form of <verb>-<Noun>
    • functions
  • To find a command let use Get-Command
Get-Command '*-Item'
  • To know the usage of Specific cmd-let
Get-Help '<cmd-let>' -Online
  • Execute the following command to update documentation
  • Execute the following command to know the version of powershell

* In powershell when we use the pipe the objects are transferred
* Find a command to start process and start process for notepad (C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe)
* Stop the Notepad process.

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