Azure Classroomnotes 22/Jul/2022

Storage Migrations

  • Generally We would two kinds of storage on-premises
    • Block Storage: This refers to the Harddisk
    • File Share: This refers to the Network File Share, SAN,NAS
  • If the size of the data to be transferred is huge, offline transport will be faster.
  • Azure Databox Disk is a solution for transferring the data to Azure Refer Here
  • Refer Here for the specifications
  • Azure Databox can transfer the data of sizes 100 TB to Azure
  • Refer Here for specification
  • Azure Databox heavy can transfer 1 PB of storage to azure. Refer Here for specifications
  • We need to import the data in Azure Databox Refer Here
  • Once the databox is shipped we need to export the data Refer Here
  • Azure Datbox Gateway Refer Here

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