DevOps Classroomnotes 28/Jul/2023

Activity-2: Create a s3 bucket

  • Navigate to s3
  • Resource:
    • s3 bucket
  • inputs:
    • region
    • bucket name

Infra Provisioning using terraform.

  • Create an empty folder
  • Refer Here to provider docs
  • Refer Here for basic user creation steps and Refer Here
  • Lets find the resource
  • Refer Here for s3 resource
  • Now look at argument reference Refer Here of resource
  • Handling credenitals in AWS
    • install aws cli
    • aws configure
  • Refer Here for sample activity

Activity 3: Create a storge account in Azure

  • Refer Here for the official docs on how to create storage account
  • Resources:
    • Resource Group
      • inputs:
        • name
        • location
    • storage account
      • inputs:
        • resource group name
        • location
        • name of storage account
  • Refer Here for terraform provider
  • Refer Here to install azure cli az login
  • Refer Here for resource group docs and Refer Here for resource group docs
  • Refer Here for the changes

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