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  • Hypervisor is a software to create virtual machines
  • There are two types of hypervisors
    • Type 1:
      • Which we install directly on a physical server
      • This acts as os and creates virtual machines
      • Examples: VmWare ESxi
    • Type 2:
      • This is installed on Operating Systems and helps in creating virtual machines
      • Examples: Hyper V, VmWare Workstation, Parallels

Global Network

  • Azure Global Network: Refer Here for global infrastructure
  • Azure has two types of Regions
    • Region: Collection of Datacenters
    • Region with zones:
      • Each zone is collection of Datacenters
      • Between two zones the distance will be 30 – 60 kms far away
  • Azure has a backbone network called as Azure Global Network which connects every region via high speed network cables owned by microsoft for azure
  • Edge locations:

    • On-Premise Connectivity
    • Edge Locations/Content Delivery Networks
  • AWS Global Infrastructure

    • Regions
    • Local Zones: To have more locational presence
    • Edge network Refer Here


  • Username/Password
  • Username/keypair
  • token


  • Latency
  • Content Delivery Networks:
    • Origin Server
    • Point of Presence Servers/Edge Servers

Exercise: Watch the video to install softwares on your laptop

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