AWS Classroom Series – 30/Dec/2020

Elastic Block Volumes

  • EBS volumes behave like raw unformatted block volumes
  • IOPS is (Inputs/Outputs per second)
    • 1 IOPS => 256 KiB/Second
  • EBS volumes can be attached to ec2 instances as storage volumes that persist independently from the life of ec2 instance
  • Features:
    • AWS EBS Volume Types:
      • General Purpose SSD:
        • a balance of price and performance
        • Size Range => 1 GiB – 16 TiB
        • Two types
          • gp3: Max Throughput: 1000 MiB/S
          • gp2: Max Throughput: 250 MiB/S
        • Max IOPS: 16000
      • Provisioned IOPS SSD:
        • used for mission critical low latency & high throughput workloads
        • Size Range of 4 GiB – 64 TiB
        • Three types
          • io2 Block Express: Max IOPS 256000, Max Throughput: 4000 MiB/S
          • io2: Max IOPS 256000, Max Throughput: 4000 MiB/S
          • io1: Max IOPS: 64000, Max Throughput: 1000 MiB/S
      • Throughput Optimized HDD
        • Volume size: 125 GiB – 16 TiB
        • Max IOPS per volume: 500
        • Max Throughput per volume: 500 MiB/S
      • Cold HDD
        • Volume size: 125 GiB – 16 TiB
        • Max IOPS per volume: 250
        • Max Throughput per volume: 250 MiB/S
  • Create a linux ec2 instance and verify the volume section Preview Preview
  • Now lets add volumes of type Cold HDD of size 125 GiB and attach to the ec2 instance Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview
  • Now lets login into ec2 instance and view the disks Preview
  • Now lets create a file system in cold hdd Preview
  • Now mount the disk to the linux folder /projects Preview
  • If you want to persist this mount across restarts add entry in fstab
  • Create a windows ec2 instance and add a provisioned iops Preview
  • Now lets create a provisioned iops Preview
  • Attach the volume to windows instance.
  • Now connect to windows instance and verify disks Preview
  • After bringing the volume up and formatting the drive will be shown as below Preview

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