DevOps Classroomnotes 11/Mar/2022

Automating Application Deployments to Various Environments

  • Factors to consider:
    • Code Changes from Developer
    • How to create a software package
    • How is infrastructure organized for your project
    • Repeatable Deployments

Code Changes from Developer

  • For every Code Change at a bare minimum we need to do Continuous Integration.
  • Periodically (once in a day or twice in a day or even more) we can combine the changes done at create the infrastructure for various QA environments and run the automated system tests
  • Where does developer Submit the Code Changes
    • Git

How to Create a software Package

  • This is the step which depends on the Programming Language/Technology which your application is developed on
  • From the CI/CD Perspective it is all about running one command after installing necessary softwares
  • We need to ensure to also run Static Code Analysis (Information, Warning, Critical )
  • We need to publish Code Coverage Reports (percentages)
  • Quality Gate => Failing the build when it doesnot satisfy Code Analysis & Coverage numbers
  • Tools
    • Maven, Gradle => Java
    • Dotnet => Msbuild, dotnet
    • Unittest:
      • java => junit
      • dotnet => nunit, mstest ….
      • python => pytest
    • SonarQube => Static Code Analysis & Code Coverage reports

Infrastructure Provisioning

  • Commonly used infra

Day To Day Activities

  • For every project we have

    • Day builds => CI for sure (for every develepor commit/ every hour)
    • Night Build => Continuous Delivery => System Test Environment, Peformance Test
    • Weekly Builds => Load/stress tests
  • DevOps Engineer:

    • You will me managing atleast 3-5 different projects CI/CD pipelines (50-60%)
    • Ongoing DevOps Activites (infraprovisiong, configuration management, monitoring etc) => (30-40 %)
  • Cloud Admin:

    • Creating Infrastructure
    • Enabling Backups
    • Enabling High Avaliability
    • Network Configurations etc
    • Managing Application in Live Environments

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