DevOps Classroomnotes 12/Mar/2022

CI/CD Pipelines

Project 1 Scenario

  • This project has the following architecture
  • The working style of the developers
  • We need to set up Continuous Deployment for CI/CD Pipeline
  • Lets Start with Night Build
    • System Test Env
    • Performance Test Env
  • Background:
    • You already have virtual machines available for System Test Environment & Performance Test Environment.
  • Can you write down the steps in the pipeline
  • Note: If any steps fail, build will be marked as failure and an email with failure information will be sent across to all the team members
  • Get the Latest version of Code available at scheduled time
  • Build the Package
  • Run the unit tests and publish reports
  • Run the integration tests (if any) and publish the reports
  • Run the Code Analysis and publish the reports
  • Run the Code Coverage and publish the reports
  • We need to publish the build artifact (package) to the Repository
  • We need to perform configuration management (Ansible)
  • We need to run the System Tests in System Test Environment and publish the reports
  • We need to run the Performance Tests in Performance Test Environment and publish the reports
  • Tools:
    • Infrastucture: AWS / Azure / On-premise (Physical / VMWare)
    • Version Control System: Git (GitHub, BitBucket, Azure Source Repos, AWS Code Commit )
    • CI/CD Engine: Jenkins, Azure DevOps
    • Static Code Analysis & Code Coverage: SonarQube
    • Artifact Repository: JFrog/Artifactory
    • Configuration Management: Ansible
    • Performance Test Harness: JMeter
    • System Test Harness: Selenium (Web Application), Post man (Web API)

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