Azure Classroom Series – 29/June/2021

Scenario: Journey To Cloud

  • Organization: Learning Thoughts (LT)

  • Applications: LT has various applications and the major applications asre

    • lt-ecommerce
    • lt-ehealth
    • lt-einsure
  • Infrastructure: Preview

  • Applications:

    • LT uses the following Hypervisors
      • Microsoft HyperV to Create Virtual Machines
      • VMWare to create Virtual Machines
    • The Application architectures are as shown below Preview
    • The other application architectures are more or less the same
  • Organization Initiative:

    • LT wants to use Azure cloud for hosting the applications
    • LT wants to cut down on costs.
  • How can organizations with similar goals move to cloud:

    • Cloud Migration:
      • Ensure whatever was working in your datacenter (on-premises) try to run them on the cloud in the same way
      • We need to do the Server Migration from VMWare/Hyperv to Azure
      • Benefits:
        • This is fastest way to get into the cloud.
        • The immediated money saving is a huge benefit
      • Drawbacks:
        • Just because cloud providers offer VMs and hosted services that doesn’t mean you should treat them to same as buying a server.
        • With migration, we bring the same complex licensing , same set of problems on-premises to cloud
    • Cloud Native Applications:
      • Redesign/make necessary changes in the code of the application to use the azure features/platforms
      • Benefits:
        • One of the biggest advantages of Cloud Native Application developement is we can focus on our application (business requirements) features
        • We get scaling, high available and fault tolerance configured into application.
      • Drawback:
        • This takes lot of time and effort for the existing applications because we need to replatform.

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