DevOps Classroom Series – 29/June/2021

Need for Version Control System and Continuous Integration

  • Multiple Developers working on to build an application.

  • Each Developer works on his local system, How can we integrate the code from multiple developers

  • Big Bang Integration:

    • Consider the movie booking app Preview
    • Each team is working on their own Preview
    • Just before 15 days to release all the teams try to make their applications interact with each other by integrating the code.
    • It was observed in many cases that the team will observe lot of failures and to meet the release date, they make temporary fixes which will ruin the application quality
  • To make the application development process simpler continuous integration was introduced where all the code by different teams will be integrated every time (hourly, daily) then create an application package

  • Options for sharing code

    • email
    • shared folder
  • Merging the code has to be done by all the developers manually.

  • We need the following options

    • versions
    • merge the changes
    • revert the changes
  • Version Control is a system that records changes to a file or group of files and directories over time and it allows multiple developers to integrate their work.

  • Some popular Version Control Systems

    • Subversion(SVN)
    • IBM Clear Case
    • Team Foundation Version Control
    • Perforce
    • Git
  • Version Control Architecture Evolution.

    • Client Server to Distributed Systems

Relevance of Version Control For DevOps Engineer

  • As a DevOps Engineer, we will work to develop scripts or configurations (Terraform, Chef, Ansible, Docker, k8s) and we need to integrate this activity with the team, so we need to have a good working knowledge on Version Control System.
  • In some organizations, DevOps Engineers are expected to ensure all the team members are using version control system effeciently.
  • The CI/CD Pipeline starts from VCS, so we need to understand the VCS to trigger the builds & continue with pipeline.


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