AWS Classroom Series – 03/Jul/2020

Amazon API Gateway

  • Refer Here for pattern details
  • Two kinds of developers will be using API Gateways
    • API developers:
      • works with the API Gateway service component to create, configure and deploy the APIs
      • Create servcies which get called
    • app developers
      • work with API gateway which is available to develop the front end logic.
      • Call the API Gateway
  • Concepts:
    • API Gateway in AWS helps to create
      • RESTful APIs
      • WebSocket API
  • Pricing: Refer Here
  • API Gateway Infra Preview

Creating a REST API by importing Open API Specification

  • Navigate to API Gateway , select Rest and import. Preview Preview Preview
  • Select different API methods and test.

Creating a Lambda API Gateway Integration

  • Try creating a lamda helloworld and integrate with API Gateway

Next Steps

  • Step Functions
  • SQS
  • Cognito, WAF and shield

AWS Step functions

  • It is a web service that enables coordination of the components of distributed applications and microservices using workflow (visual)
  • In step functions we define state machines using Json Amazon States Language
  • In step functions we create Workflows which are of two types
    • Standard:
      • Long running
    • Express
      • short duration and high volume

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